Science and Imagination

Year 7 classes enjoyed a series of exciting virtual presentations from experts as part of the National Literacy Trust’s Literacy for Learning Secondary School Festival of Science and Imagination.

Two of the highlights were ‘My Science Story’ a live interactive workshop with Melissa Lee from RAL space. Ms Lee gave inspiring insights into the work of the engineers, technicians and scientists at RAL space. She spoke of the different opportunities and routes into the space industry. There are a huge number of roles that incorporate many different qualities. It is not all about simply becoming an astronaut!

One of the most important things is to develop transferable skills and you cannot under estimate the power of communication. The students gained understanding of the joy of space exploration and were even able to make their own version of part of the James Webb Space Telescope, using origami.

The other session ‘Birmingham Stories’ was the live launch of the national science themed creative writing competition. This session challenged students to think of how precious water is to the planet and the role it has played in inspiring fictional stories. Science is full of stories and these stories can change the world. David Hannah stressed the fact that water is fascinating, lifegiving, finite and complex. The aim was to inspire students to think of how people feel about and how they experience water. He was able to highlight the tragic loss of life caused by the floods in Europe this week.

Students entering the competition need to think of their use of language, and how they can illuminate the importance and power of water.

These sessions showed highlighted superb cross curricular themes and the amazing way we can appreciate the awe and wonder of our world and appreciate stories about it.

They gave our students chance to have access to a huge variety of experts in the classroom.