Mission Statement

Excellence, Tradition and Imagination

We are committed to achieving excellence, to raising standards of achievement, extending opportunity, exploring the importance of Science and the Arts and to benefitting our community.  High levels of literacy and numeracy are of paramount importance.

Our vision for the future challenges the notion that Science and the Arts represent two different cultures.  Rather we view Science and the Arts as complementary disciplines contributing jointly to cultural development and the creation of new knowledge.

Discovery is the common goal for each discipline, understanding the watchword for both.  Scientists and artists alike must nurture a capacity for original and imaginative thought and each must be prepared to embark upon a journey of exploration.  We acknowledge that the skills and thought processes attributed to each discipline are distinctive; we contend that our children must develop abilities in both.

Science is the dominant force of this century.  The great advances in science technology – bio-genetics, medical treatments, alternative fuels, the internet, our understanding of the universe – change the circumstances of our human lives and culture.  Our children must have a real understanding of scientific principles and the ability to respond thoughtfully and judiciously to increasingly complex ethical issues.

We are committed to offering a first class academic education coupled with excellent vocational opportunities and preparation for the world of work.

Through our curriculum we aim to enable all children to develop:

  • Thinking skills, logic deduction, investigation and analysis
  • Creativity, imagination, communication and performance
  • Problem solving, teamwork, initiative and independent learning
  • The ability to work flexibly with ICT and new technologies

Our values are enshrined in the 7Rs: Respectful, Responsible, Reasonable, Ready, Resourceful, Resilient, Right Impression. Citizenship and ethical education take centre stage in our school and we value our partnerships with all our stakeholders and our role within the community. We are proud to be the face of modern democratic Britain.  We seek to develop our students as leaders, equipping them, not only to live in our future world, but to shape that future world and create a better tomorrow.